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At Grain & Berry, our mission is to build healthy communities by offering farm fresh and delicious food in a warm and friendly setting. 

Founded in the summer of 2017, Grain & Berry has quickly become everyone’s favorite superfood cafe with everything from delicious açaí bowls and fresh pressed juices to hearty specialty toasts and international coffees. Made-to-order and free of additives, Grain & Berry’s innovative menu both surprises and satisfies with beautiful, plant-based products that look amazing and taste even better.

Voted #1 by Tampa Bay Times for best bowl, Grain & Berry is a community space where healthy meets delicious and where friends can escape the office to gather over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or grab a healthy meal on the go.

All locations happily cater to individual dietary restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free.



Grain & Berry has continued to be recognized by the leading
national publications and local food critics alike for its quality of
food presentation and a top franchise opportunity.


In a generation of people constantly seeking the latest and greatest health food benefits or life-changing superfoods, Grain & Berry offers a wide-ranging menu of Superfoods and other healthy products that are hand-made right in front of the guest.

Grain & Berry’s menu attributes include:

  • All natural plant-based products
  • High-quality fresh ingredients
  • Superfoods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly options
  • Amazing taste without the guilt
  • Large portions that are social media-worthy

Grain & Berry's Premium Açaí

As the craze for açaí continues to sweep the nation, being informed about the types of açaí that are out there is imperative, especially when looking for the purest form, that contains the most nutrients.

At Grain & Berry, we are connoisseurs of what makes an exceptional açaí bowl. We only use the highest grade of açaí available and never mix it with any artificial sugars, additives, or thinners. 

Açaí Powder: Widespread in popularity, açaí powder is favored for its cost-effectiveness, shelf stability, and non-dependency on freezing. However, it originates from the dried-out açaí berry, relinquishing some nutrients in the process.

Açaí Sorbet: A sought-after choice, but often veiled in deception. Directly shipped from major companies, it's convenient to handle but tends to be of lower quality, offering minimal nutritional value with an excess of sugar. 

Açaí Pulp: Discover the purest and most beneficial form of açaí. Not all açaí pulps are created equal, but at Grain & Berry, we exclusively offer Grade A açaí especial, boasting a pulp level of at least 14%, delivering maximum superfood benefits.

We encourage all of our guests to ask questions about our premium açaí and its benefits and our team will gladly provide answers. We understand how important it is to know what is going into the food we consume and we want you to be completely informed.

At Grain & Berry, our commitment is unwavering. We exclusively use Organic Grade A açaí, directly imported from Brazil, with a pulp level of at least 14%. Never second guess what you're eating, stop by Grain & Berry where everything is handcrafted, healthy, and delicious!