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Can I order online for delivery or pickup?

Yes! You can order delivery and pickup directly through the Grain & Berry Official App! 

Do you offer catering services for events?

Yes we do! We offer catering for birthday parties, office events, school celebrations and more! Click here for more details about securing Grain & Berry catering for your next event!

How can I stay updated on your menu and promotions?

Download the Grain & Berry Official App and sign up for our loyalty program! You can earn points on every purchase you make and we send out exclusive messages about new menu items, offers, and events!

What is açaí?

Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is a small, dark purple berry that grows on the açaí palm tree, primarily found in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil. Açaí berries are known for their unique taste and numerous health benefits. Acai berries have sustained traditional Brazilian and Amazonian populations, including the Caboclo tribe, with nutrients and calories for hundreds of years.

Acai berries have more to offer than just antioxidants — they also supply many other electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids, and even small amounts of essential fatty acids. While there’s some talk about acai berries helping to prevent cancer, not much research has been done to show this is a proven benefit in humans just yet. However, we would expect the consumption of acai berries to help fight cancer just like other berries do (such as blackberries or cherries) since they target the underlying cause of cancer formation, aka high levels of free radical damage and inflammation.

Why choose a Grain & Berry açaí bowl?

  • Our açai is 100% Grade A Organic Pulp that is shipped directly to us from Brazil
  • Our açaí is flash frozen from harvest to preserve the goodness of the skin and pulp of the berry
  • Our bases contain no added preservatives or fillers

Why do we choose to use açaí pulp and not powder like our competitors?

Many powdered products only contain a small portion of the actual açai and then load the products with other fillers. 

Powders tend to be over processed during their creation. This causes a depletion of the nutrients in açaí.

What are the health benefits of açaí?

  • Açai is full of antioxidants to reduce toxins
  • Promotes muscle performance, energy production, and endurance 
  • Full of Vitamins C, along with A, B1, B2, B3, and E 
  • A great source of calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper
  • Excellent for Heart Health

Where can I find nutritional information for your menu items?

You can find nutritional information for all of our menu items here.

Do you offer vegan or dairy-free options?

We do! We offer options to accommodate most diets, just let our friendly staff know.

Do you accommodate allergies?

Our kitchen is not food-allergen or gluten-free. While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that our food is safe to consume for people with allergies including (but not limited to) peanut, tree nut, soy, milk, egg, or wheat.

Many of our products contain or may come in contact with allergens including: 

Wheat, Honey, Soy, Tree Nuts, Milk, Dairy, Eggs, Peanuts, Fruits, Vegetables, Shellfish, Seeds, Coconut, Grass and plants, Spices/Herbs, Sesame, and Gluten. 

Before placing your order, please inform us if any person in your party has a food allergy.

At your request, a manager will provide you with a list of ingredients for your order. 

Our Acai is mixed with Guarana Berry which contains caffeine.

What is the Grain & Berry Official loyalty app?

The Grain & Berry Official App is your go-to digital companion for a seamless and rewarding dining experience. With our app, you can conveniently order pickup and delivery, earn points toward free Grain & Berry superfood treats, and stay informed about exciting new menu items, promotions, and special events. It's your passport to a world of delicious possibilities!

How do I earn and redeem loyalty points or rewards?

Earn 100 points per dollar spent with every purchase made through the Grain & Berry Official loyalty app, scanning your mobile app barcode at the register in-store, and all website orders placed while signed into your Grain & Berry loyalty account. 


In- store: You can earn points by scanning your mobile app at the register. Click the loyalty button on your app and then click scan loyalty card. Present your phone to the cashier to scan or you may provide your phone number

In-app: There is no action needed. Points will be automatically added to your account


In-app: To redeem rewards, proceed to checkout and click “Apply Rewards” button in the checkout screen. Select the  offer you would like to use and it will be applied to your order

In-store: To redeem rewards, go to the "Rewards" screen and select "Rewards Card". Present your phone to the team member to scan or give the cashier your phone number.

Grain & Berry gift cards can be purchased in-store at all of our 19 locations.

Need to check your balance? Click here.

What is Grain & Berry looking for in a franchisee?

Grain & Berry looks for the following attributes in a new franchisee:

  • The financial ability to open a new location.
  • A great attitude, personality, and love for their local community.
  • Business ownership, management experience, or restaurant experience are a plus.

What is the initial investment and franchise fee to open a Grain & Berry franchise?

The franchise fee for a single location is $49,500. A System Development Program is in place for multi-unit purchases with discounted franchise fees.

Start up costs to open a Grain & Berry franchise generally range anywhere from $170k – $635,500k.

What training and support does Grain & Berry provide to franchisees?

Grain & Berry management understands that support of franchisees is paramount to success. With this in mind, Grain & Berry has developed a comprehensive training program for franchisees, their management, and their employees. From the beginning, Grain & Berry will help with location selection, construction company selection, marketing, advertising, and continued ongoing support. Franchisees receive three weeks of training at a corporate restaurant along with on-site training for new employees from a corporate trainer. Video training modules with follow-up online tests are available to help train future employees and managers.

How can I get more information about franchising opportunities?

Please visit our franchising site for more information and to fill out our inquiry form. After you complete the inquiry form, we will contact you to discuss your interest and answer any questions you may have. Grain & Berry will provide you with the current FDD explaining the Grain & Berry franchise system.